Lily (_sin_) wrote in cosplayfuckers,

I give you...the beauty of brazilian cosplay.



I wont mention the fact that shes a fat cosplayer and almost naked. i wont. I'll just point out the de-feathered Siren with Carnival left-overs and bad, tangled wig. I know the girl and she actually told me how she was growing her toenails for the cosplay. hoooraaaaay.

Half-assed emma frost on granny panties

I think I can stand crappy wigs but WTF,  SPRAY?? Also, styrofoam bells.

<img src="">

Inuyasha 4-hit combo.

<img src="">

And now for our own Chiis..

Which is worse, no wig or crappy wig?

<img src="">

Crackwhore chii doesnt comb hers either.

<img src="">

tired yet?

<img src="">

Sister of cracwhore chii, slutty-ass chii. the worst part of it is that the cosplay itself looks pretty good.


And thats it for now. I may be posting worse stuff later, when the 2 databases I was supposed to use go back online. *grumbles*

Edit: Bad HTML. BAD.
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